Choose Healing Choose Peace

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  1. Another great blog of yours. It would be so good to live from this space rather than living life on autopilot.

  2. Another great write up….👏👏
    Little bit of maturity and little control over words can stop each individual from spreading negativity… Each one of us practicing it can contribute to a much better world.

    1. Wonderful! Loved how succinctly you have described the negative space we tend to create in our minds, at times unconsciously that is harmful for our own sanity. It’s easier said than done to exercise control over our minds. However, with deliberate practice and conscious decision, one can choose to create a positive mind space. Also, in my opinion, different people feel differently in a given set of circumstance, in the sense, their response/reactions differ. Hence, its upto oneself to recognise our triggers, our feelings/response to them and apply corrective measures. You would be a great medium to help people understand themselves better and help them streamline their emotional energies 🙂 Looking forward to more insights!!

  3. One is so unconscious in this world, doesnt realise the damage one is inflicting on oneself.
    You are showing them the mirror by way of writing these point

    1. Its very true…..positive thoughts plays important role …..when your thoughts r pure n positive will not only give you inner peace,satisfaction but also effects ur surroundings too……..

  4. Parul, I love your message. Your post is well written and inspirational. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. Stay safe. I wish abundance for you.

    1. Thank you Chief for taking out the time to read my post. I am gald you found value in the content. Thank you for appreciating and following my blog.
      We seem to share interest in similar subject/topics and I am looking forward to learn from you through your posts.
      Warm Regards 😊

  5. One finds it very difficult to absorb ill words or actions especially when coming from your loved ones like family, freinds, colleagues, neighbours etc. It takes lots of constant efforts to keep your composure calm and positive. Thank you
    for sharing your insights, helpful for a positive and better being

    Keep writing and sharing


    1. very well written…….rightly highlights one of the most important aspect of attitude of individual, yet ignored and not given enough importance. People hardly realise that they are indirectly moving into negative space. Thanks for taking up this topic. Wish you all the best….keep writing and motivating us.

  6. Beautiful 👌 👌 so true… It all begins with the words. Words make grooves on the mind as thoughts and subsequently manifest as actions… Very well articulated indeed…

  7. Beautiful writeup Parul.
    What I understood from my experience is that, if we hold grudges towards anyone who does wrong to you, eventually it drains your own energy.

    So my mantra is don’t forget but forgive n move on.
    Karmic cycle will take care of everything, you don’t have to do anything by using your own bad thoughts or words.

  8. Meaningful writeup Parul !! Realization and acceptance of simplistic truth of life and it’s ways is all that makes one a better being. Your efforts on sharing your thoughts and vision that are so well articulated , leaves reminiscence on many improving many lives in this current world. Keep writing and keep smiling as always! Kudos!

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