My Career isn’t my Identity!

11 thoughts on “My Career isn’t my Identity!”

  1. Why to have just settle for couple of things on the platter when there’s whole wide world out there. You go girl!

  2. Beautiful post my dear friend!!!it’s an insight for many of us who are still stuck in looking for their purpose in life.Must say u have been one of the fortunate and All the very Best for all the future endeavours!!!

  3. So much clarity and positivity in your thoughts. I wish I could acquire a little bit of it from you. Fortunate to have you as a friend. Way to go Parul.

  4. Beautifully written article which is very inspiring and motivating…most of us go through roller coaster rides in our life but after reading your article one feels that if a person has the determination , vision and the passion one can sail through these high and low tides .
    All the best

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