Choose Healing Choose Peace

Have you ever been in a mental space, when you caught yourself thinking or suggesting ‘they don’t deserve to live’, ‘he/she should be beaten up to death’, ‘i wish life throws this challenge at them so they learn’, ‘they don’t deserve all good in life’ ‘they deserve this ill treatment’ or any such similar thought … Continue reading Choose Healing Choose Peace

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My first blog post was about what self-abuse is, and how we unwittingly sabotage our self-esteem by indulging in it. empower-yourself-stop-self-abuse. In this blog post I am about to narrate a snippet from my life, which may resonate with yours too, to some degree, and make you understand: (a) how self-abuse comes to be, and … Continue reading YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – KNOW IT, OWN IT!

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Empower Yourself – Stop Self-abuse!

This is my first Blog Post, and I sincerely hope it offers you some value, clarity, and sense of empowerment with a self-help tool shared at the end. Self-abuse is the most common form of abuse wide spread in the world, eating up everyone’s wellbeing, like a termite. And most of the people aren’t even … Continue reading Empower Yourself – Stop Self-abuse!

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